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Aubrey Williams is a dynamic and results-driven media executive who knows the most powerful form of communication isn’t what you say, but what you do. Williams is a veteran broadcast pro-fessional with over 25 years experience in the editorial, creative and production fields of television news, live event programming and video production. He has worked for both CBS and NBC affiliates.

From building and pitching story ideas, to deter-mining story priority, to assigning coverage of news teams, Williams is a proven PR strategist, enterprising team leader and charismatic communications trainer. Having served as chief news photographer, news assignment manager, promotions producer and director, and special event producer, Williams has worked the front lines of broadcast news, thinks like a Reporter, has a fresh and innovative approach to story placement and is skilled at delivering media coverage for a variety of businesses, non-profits, community groups and government agencies.

Williams gives back to the community by encour-aging today’s youth to pursue careers in journal-ism. Co-founder of “Journalists in Training” or JIT, Williams teaches students about the real world of broadcast news. A unique professional development and technical training program designed for aspiring journalists, JIT offers students hands-on workshops where participants learn photography, storytelling and editing skills. Participants tour television and radio stations and take part in interactive presentations by Reporters, Editors, Photographers and Producers actively working in news. Williams also teaches broadcasting classes to inner city school kids, and manages religious television productions which air on local and national networks. Other projects include producing and directing television commercials for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, a community sponsored business talk show called “All About Business” and “Secrets,” an independent movie aimed at educating teens and young adults about sexual accountability and relationships. An inspiring and compelling motivational speaker, Williams also conducts media training seminars for individuals, businesses and trade associations on news conference preparation, booking interviews, on-camera training, body language development and effective use of sound-bites.

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