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Master Plumber at Owner of John The Plumber L.L.C. Owner of John The Plumber L.L.C.
Work Phone: 816 420-7732
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John The Plumber LLC is a profession plumbing company with over 35 years of service managing construction on residential and commercial properties.
They are licensed, insured and in good standing with the better business bureau.
If you have experienced working in the plumbing industry, we are looking for you.
John The Plumber is currently prequalifying skilled service plumbers to perform plumbing duties.
John The Plumber specializes in drilling new water service lines from the curb into residential and commercial structures.
They also replace and repair sewer lines, Run pex piping, drain, waist and vent
hot water tanks, sump pumps, toilets and much more…
John The Plumber is looking to hire clean and honest workers who can communicate professionally with their customers.
Contact John The Plumber at 816 420-7732 email

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